Hankyu’s new model trains preserve tradition – Seat reservation will start on Kyoto Line

Inheriting “maroon car body” & “olive-colored seats” The universal style of Hankyu Railway with the maroon car body, wood-grain decorative panels, and golden-olive-colored seats won the Good Design Long Life Design Award in 2022. It has been recognized as an entity that shapes the image of areas along the railway line throughout the ages. The development concept of the 2300 series and 2000 series is “a new Hankyu style that is safe, comfortable, and environmentally friendly,” which are the first model-changed vehicles in 11 years since 2013. While inheriting the image of the traditional Hankyu Railway, barrier-free facilities, safety, and energy-saving performance will be refined to a level that is…

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Hankyu & Noseden do not operate all night on New Year’s Eve – Extra trains until 2 am

Hankyu Kyoto Line 9300 series trains passing each other

Hankyu Railway and Nose Electric Railway announced that they will not operate all night from December 31, 2020 (Thursday) New Year’s Eve to January 1, 2021 (Friday / holiday) New Year’s morning, and will operate extra trains until around 2:00 midnight.

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Winter smooth sightseeing in Kyoto by train and on foot “Pedestrian-Friendly City Kyoto Rail Ticket”

Randen Mobo-21 Type

Kyoto City will release the “Pedestrian-Friendly City Kyoto Rail Ticket” for Kyoto sightseeing in winter, which allows unlimited rides on routes within the valid area of 5 railway operators.

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