KTX releases only for window sides – KORAIL responds to the spread of COVID-19

Korea Railroad (KORAIL) decided to sell “KTX” train tickets only for window seats from December 8 (Tuesday) to December 28 (Tuesday), 2020 to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

KTX vehicles stopping at Seoul Station ©Katsumi
KTX vehicles stopping at Seoul Station ©Katsumi

During the period, tickets for reserved seat trains such as “KTX”, “Saemaeul”, “Mugungghwa” and “ITX-Cheongchun” will be sold only for window side seats on nationwide routes of KORAIL. In addition, KTX 4-person facing seats can no longer be purchased together, and only one seat will be sold.

However, for trains departing before December 22 (Tuesday), tickets have already been sold, so some aisle seats will be used as they are to reduce confusion for purchased passengers. If there is a vacancy in the window seat, you can change it from the aisle seat ticket you have already purchased without any fees, and refunds can be made without any penalty. In addition, even if you board with aisle seats designated, you can request the crew to change to window seats depending on the situation inside the train.

The spread of COVID-19 continues in South Korea, and the Korean government raised the level of epidemic prevention measures “Social Distancing” from the December 8 (Tuesday) to the 3rd week. This level is set at the highest level of 3, and the Seoul metropolitan area has been raised from 2 to 2.5, which is one step before the highest level, and other areas from 1.5 to 2.

As a concrete measure of Level 2.5, it is stipulated that “Recommendation to limit advance sales of KTX, highway bus, etc. to 50% or less (excluding aircraft)”, and KORAIL has taken measures in accordance with this.