New station “Songdo Moonlight Festival Park Station” – Incheon Metro Line 1

Incheon Traisit Corp. started the service of the 0.9km section on Incheon Subway Line 1 between “International Business District Station” (I138: 국제업무지구) and the new station “Songdo Moonlight Festival Park Station” (I139: 송도달빛축제공원) from the first train on December 12, 2020 (Saturday).

New station "Songdo Moonlight Festival Park Station" - Incheon Metro Line 1

Songdo Moonlight Festival Park Station is an underground station, which is barrier-free, with elevators connecting the ground to the platform on the second basement floor via the concourse on the first basement floor. Adjacent to “Songdo International City”, which continues to develop as an economic free district, it is located in a reclaimed land where high-rise condominiums and undeveloped land coexist. The viaduct of “Incheon Bridge Expressway” connecting Incheon city area and Incheon International Airport crosses the vicinity of the station.

“Songdo Moonlight Festival Park”, which is the origin of the station name, is located about 500m from there. It is famous as the venue for the music event “Pentaport Rock Festival” where musicians from Korea and abroad appear every summer, and “Songdo Beer Festival” where the fireworks display is held at the same time.