Paris Metro Line 14 extended open “Saint-Lazare – Mairie de Saint-Ouen”

RATP began the service of extension section between “Saint-Lazare Station” and “Mairie de Saint-Ouen” on Metro Line 14 on December 14, 2020 (Monday).

Line 14 is the newest line on the Paris subway, which is frequently operated by fully autonomous driving, and their platforms are equipped with screen doors. A relatively short section was opened in advance – between “Saint-Lazare Station”, which is adjacent to to the terminal of suburban or intercity trains, and “Olympiades Station” in the 13th arrondissement of Paris. This time a 5.8km section was opened that was constructed northward from Saint-Lazare Station to Mary de Saint-Ouen Station connecting to Metro Line 13.

Along the way, there is 3 stations: “Pont Cardinet”, “Porte de Clichy” and “Saint-Ouen”. People can transfer to the Transilien Line L at Pont Cardine, the Metro Line 13 / Tramway Line 3b / RER Line C at Porte de Clichy, and the RER Line C at Saint-Ouen. However, as for Porte de Clichy station, the opening of the station for Line 14 is a little late to January 2021 (planned), and trains will pass until then.

Paris Metro Line 14 extended open "Saint-Lazare - Mairie de Saint-Ouen"

Until now, many commuters from the Saint-Ouen area to Paris downtown used Line 13, and train congestion was a problem. The city of Paris hopes that the opening of Line 14, which connects Mairie de Saint-Ouen Station to the Châtelet Station in about 15 minutes, will reduce congestion on Line 13 by about 25%.

Line 14 will be further extended to Saint-Denis Pleyel Station in the north and Orly Airport in the south, with all lines scheduled to open by 2024.