Tokyo Metro got licence to construct extension sections of Yurakucho & Namboku Lines

The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism (MLIT, Japan) approved the application for permission for the railway business of the Yurakucho Line & Namboku Line extension section by the Tokyo Metro as requested on March 28, 2022.

Tokyo Metro 9000 series electric train for Namboku Line (Kattumi/TOKYO STUDIO)
Tokyo Metro 9000 series electric train for Namboku Line (Kattumi/TOKYO STUDIO)

The application of 2 projects on January 28, 2022 (Fri) were permitted based on the Railway Business Law, which are the Yurakucho Line extension (Toyosu – Sumiyoshi, 4.8km) and the Namboku line extension (Shinagawa – Shirokane Takanawa, 2.5km) (see the figure below for details). The total construction cost is expected to be about 400 billion yen, and both will be built with the goal of opening in the mid-2030s.

By extending the Yurakucho Line, access from the eastern part of Tokyo to the Tokyo Waterfront City will be improved, and it will be convenient to visit sightseeing spots including Toyosu Market and Tokyo Skytree. In addition, it is expected to have a bypass effect avoiding the Tokyo Metro Tozai Line, which is heavily congested, connecting with Toyocho Station.

In addition, by extending the Namboku Line, people will be able to reach Shinagawa Station from central Tokyo such as Roppongi and Akasaka areas without changing trains. Shinagawa Station is a transportation hub to the Tokaido Shinkansen and Haneda Airport, and it will be the terminal of the Linear Chuo Shinkansen in the future. In addition, the area around the station is being developed as a business base for strengthening international competitiveness.

MLIT permitted Tokyo Metro Yurakucho & Namboku Lines extension

Tokyo Metro commented that it will contribute to the further development of Tokyo and the strengthening of the international competitiveness of the Tokyo metropolitan area by enhancing the subway network through this project.