The only “DAY OUT WITH THOMAS” in Asia – Meet the tank engine on Oigawa Railway

Oigawa Railway will hold an official event “DAY OUT WITH THOMAS 2023” with the theme of children’s television series “Thomas the Tank Engine”, which is popular all over the world, and the steam locomotive train “Thomas the Tank Engine” will be operated.

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New station “Kadode” opened, and Goka Station changes its name to “Gokaku” on Oigawa Railway Oigawa Line

The local train of the Oigawa Railway Oigawa Line

Oigawa Railway (大井川鐵道) opened “Kadode Station” (門出, Shizuoka) on Thursday, November 12, 2020, which has been established between Goka Station (五和) and Kamio Station (神尾) on the Oigawa Line (大井川本線). At the new station adjacent to the experience-based food park “KADODE OOIGAWA” that opened on the same day, a tourist information center and SL Square are set up, and it is expected to play a role as an exchange base for Shimada City. A black “SL soft cream” with a steam locomotive motif is also on sale and is likely to become a hot topic. The new station is also a short distance from the Shimada-Kanaya Interchange on the Shin-Meishin…

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Operation resumed on Ōigawa Railway Ōigawa Line between Ieyama and Senzu (updated on August 31, 2020)

Operation resumed on Ōigawa Railway Ōigawa Line between Ieyama and Senzu

Ōigawa Railway (大井川鐵道) restarted local train operation of Ōigawa Line (大井川本線) on Friday, August 28, 2020 between Ieyama Station (家山, Shizuoka) and Senzu Station (千頭, Shizuoka), which has been disrupted because the Oigawa revetment was damaged due to the effects of the continuous heavy rain. It should be noted that the section between Shimoizumi Station and Tanokuchi Station was temporarily restored, where the revetment damage occurred, so substitute bus operation may be resumed depending on the river conditions of the Oigawa River. Please check yourself the official website by Oigawa Railway for the operating status of “Thomas the Tank Engine” and Steam Locomotives “Kawaneji”.

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