Enjoy “Unagi” at Narita on your smartphone – Discount ticket released from Keisei

Keisei Electric Railway will release a reasonable ticket “Narita Unagi Ticket” that includes a round-trip ticket for the Keisei Line and a meal ticket available at famous eel restaurants in Narita City.

"Unaju" (image)
“Unaju” (image)

“Narita Unagi Ticket” will be released on December 7, 2020 (Monday) as a digital ticket using the smartphone tour ticket app “TRIP by RYDE” (RIDE, Inc). “Unagi” (Eel) is a specialty of Narita City, and famous restaulants gather around the approach to Naritasan Shinshoji Temple (成田山新勝寺). It will be released as a new style sightseeing ticket that allows you to easily enjoy traveling to Narita and dining in Narita with just one smartphone.

A set includes a “Round-trip ticket” between each station on the Keisei Line and Keisei Narita Station (京成成田), and a “Eating ticket” that can be redeemed for one meal such as “Unaju” (Grilled eel on the rice) at 6 famous restaurants in Narita City. It is valid for one day. The price is 5,300 yen (tax included, common to adults and children) regardless of the departure station, but you can purchase it for 3,450 yen (tax included) by applying the “Go To Travel” campaign.

"Narita Unagi Ticket"

The digital ticket of “Narita Unagi Ticket” can be got by downloading the app “TRIP by RYDE” and paying by credit card on the app (after December 7 (Monday)). You can purchase multiple tickets with one smartphone. For those who do not have a smartphone, the paper tickets will be sold at each Keisei Travel Service office from November 27, 2020 (Friday).