Reduced by 1 hour to central Seoul! Metro Line 4 extended 3 stations to Namyangju City

Seoul Metro started operation of Jinjeop Line (진접선), which is an extension of Metro Line 4, from the first train on March 19, 2022(Sat).

Korail Class 341000 train operating on the Seoul Metro Line 4 etc.  (스마트랜스/Pixabay)
Korail Class 341000 train operating on the Seoul Metro Line 4 etc. (스마트랜스/Pixabay)

The Jinjeop Line is a 14.2km double-track electrified line that connects Danggogae Station, which is the starting point of the current Line 4, with the newly opened Jinjeop Station. On the way, there are two stations, Byeollae Byeolgaram (별내별가람) and Onam (오남) (see the figure below for the transit map). The trains will be operated by Seoul Metro, the railway facility maintenance by Korail Corporation, and the management and operations of the three newly established station facilities by Namyangju City(남양 주시).

Namyangju City, located in the northeastern part of the Seoul metropolitan area, is an area where large-scale residential land development has continued and the population has increased explosively. However, the wide-area transportation network is limited to the Jungang Line and Gyeongchun Line, which pass through the central and southern parts of the city. So there was a lack of transportation infrastructure from the northern region, where development is progressing, to the downtown Seoul. In order to solve this problem, the Korea Rail Network Authority conducted a validity survey of the Jinjeop Line and prepared a basic plan in 2012, and it was opened in about 10 years.

Seoul Metro launches the Line 4 extension “Danggogae - Jinjeop”

The Jinjeop line section is operated every 10 to 12 minutes during rush hours, and every 20 minutes during other hours. Directly running to Dongdaemun, Seoul Station, and Sadang on Line 4, and it takes 52 minutes from Jinjeop to Seoul Station. This section used to take about 2 hours by bus, but it was shortened by about 1 hour and a significant improvement in access was realized.