Keikyu’s brand new multi purpose train “Le Ciel” – Logo designed with a soft blue “Sky”

Keikyu Corporation has decided on the logo design of the new train Type 1000 Series 1890 nicknamed “Le Ciel” and started wrapping it on the car body.

The body side wrapping on the Keikyu Type 1000 Series 1890 train (Katsumi/TOKYO STUDIO)
The body side wrapping on the Keikyu Type 1000 Series 1890 train (Katsumi/TOKYO STUDIO)

The Series 1890, which has been completely redesigned from the existing trains, is equipped with Keikyu’s first “L/C seats” that can automatically rotate from long seats to cross seats, a barrier-free toilet and so on. It started operation in the spring of 2021, and now 5 trains with 4-car are flexibly operating not only for commuter trains but also for reserved seat trains “Morning Wing” and chartered event trains.

The Series 1890’s nickname “Le Ciel” was announced as the highest award by a vote of Keikyu Group employees from 3,087 ideas submitted by the general public. The nicknamed design is wrapped on the side of the car body, and the operation has started on March 26, 2022 (Sat) (see the figure below for the detail).

The design is expressed the thoughts put into the nickname by the applicant “風の谷のさてう”(pen name), and mascot character “Keikyu” embodies “an exciting atmosphere to go to play on Keikyu”. The soft impression drawn with the blue gradation reminds those of comfortable access and the freshness of the “sky” along the Keikyu Line. In addition, a Japanese writing symbol with the motif of “空” (means Le Ciel / sky) is attached, and if you look closely, the symbol “LC” – automatic rotating seats is inserted as a hidden character.

Keikyu wraps the design on the body of the new trains “Le Ciel”

Keikyu said that they designed with all their heart to make Le Ciel loved, and they are looking forward to finding it by people along the Keikyu Line.