Keihan revises timetable on January 31 – “Premium Car” will increase

Keihan Electric Railway announced that it will change the timetable of the Keihan Line on January 31, 2021 (Sunday), and will significantly increase the number of seat-designated special vehicles “Premium Car.”

Keihan 8000 series train, which is popular for its special seat-designated vehicle "Premium Car"
Keihan 8000 series train, which is popular for its special seat-designated vehicle “Premium Car”

The “Premium Car”, which started service in 2017 and has been well received, will be newly connected to all trains of 3000 series cars in addition to the conventional trains of 8000 series cars. As a result, the number of “Rapid Limited Express”, “Limited Express” and “Liner” trains containing premium cars will increase significantly from 108 to 188 on weekdays / from 116 to 186 on Saturdays and holidays.

The “Premium Car” will be available on almost all limited express trains during the daytime, and the number of trains operating during the morning or evening rush hours and nighttime hours will be expanded.

In addition, since the “Premium Car” service will be canceled for the 2 limited express trains (from Demachiyanagi Station on 6:28 / 22:38) that are driven by 3000 or 8000 series vehicles on Saturdays and holidays, passengers can not board the “Premium Car”.

Keihan 3000 series train to which "Premium Car" will be newly connected
Keihan 3000 series train to which “Premium Car” will be newly connected

During the weekday morning rush hour, one all-seat-reserved “Liner” train will be added departing from Sanjo Station (7:00) bound for Yodoyabashi Station (8:00). Along with this,4 “Liner” will run in the morning time zone including the existing trains from Demachiyanagi, Kuzuha, and Hirakatashi Stations. The schedule of the “Liner” for Kyoto at night will be slightly changed.

The limited express “Rakuraku”, which operates in the morning and evening, shortens the time required between Yodoyabashi Station and Demachiyanagi Station by 2 minutes (50 → 48 minutes) on some trains. In addition, the time required for the same section of the “Limited Express” will be shortened by about 1 minute, mainly during the daytime on weekdays.

In the midnight hours, the number of trains will be reduced, and the last train time on the Nakanoshima line will be ahead by 8 minutes for Nakanoshima and 6 minutes for departure from Nakanoshima. In addition, in the section where transfer is required, the final contact time may be earlier, or the arrival time at the destination may be delayed due to the change of train kind after transfer.

Keihan revises timetable on January 31 - "Premium Car" will increase

Keihan announced on November 5, 2020 (Thursday) that they will “consider a drastic review of the timetable” such as reducing the number of trains and moving up the last train time in line with lifestyle changes due to COVID-19. Although the change on this time was small, they says that they will continue to consider the review to secure personnel for night maintenance work and so on.