Awake to find early view of Tateyama Mountain – Take new direct bus service from Tokyo

A group company of Tokyu Bus (headquaters: Meguro City, Tokyo), Tokyu Transsés (same), which mainly operates express buses, will begin a highway bus service that connects Tateyama Murodo (Toyama) directly from the Tokyo metropolitan area during this summer.

Tokyu Transsés's express bus vehicle scheduled to be used for express bus "Tokyo - Tateyama (Murodo) Line" (Image by Tokyu Transsés)

Direct to the highest point on the Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route

Murodo Terminal, located at an altitude of about 2,450m, is known as the trailhead for the Northern Alps Tateyama mountain range, which is made up of 3,000m class mountains. With the beautiful scenery of the majestic mountains spreading in front of you and the colorful alpine plants, climbers and tourists can enjoy nature as if they are in another world.

Murodo is the highest point on the Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route, a world-famous mountain route that connects Toyama and Nagano prefectures. To get to Murodo from the Tokyo metropolitan area, it is common to first head to Toyama City or Ogizawa (Omachi City, Nagano) by Shinkansen or express bus, and then transfer to a ride on the Alpine Route.

The Tokyo – Tateyama (Murodo) Line, which is currently undergoing approval, is available at night from major terminals at Tokyo Station (Marunouchi South Exit), Shibuya Station (Shibuya Fukuras), Shinjuku (Kabukicho) and Ikebukuro Station (East Exit). Then, at 7:00 the next morning, you will arrive at Murodo, the gateway to the Tateyama mountain range. You do not need to stay overnight for mountain climbing, and do not have to worry about changing trains. When you wake up in the morning, you can immediately enjoy the refreshing mountain scenery that stretches from Bijodaira to Murodo.

Unlike the night flight from Tokyo, the return from Tateyama is a daytime flight departing from Murodo at 12:00, arriving at each terminal in Tokyo at night. According to Tokyu Bus, the timetable was determined in coordination with Seibu Kanko Bus (headquarters: Tokorozawa City, Saitama) and Toyama Chihou Railway (headquarters: Toyama City), which are joint operating companies, based on usage trends specific to mountainous areas. There will be breaks at several service areas on both the outbound and return trips.

(See the chart below for details such as the operation period, timetable, fare and seat image of Highway Bus “Tokyo – Tateyama (Murodo) Line”.)

[Chart] The operation period, timetable, fare and seat image of Highway Bus "Tokyo - Tateyama (Murodo) Line"

Convenient for tourists as well as mountaineers

The service will run from Tokyo during July 14 (Fri) and August 30 (Wed), 2023, and from Tateyama during July 15 (Sat) and August 31 (Thu). Reservations are scheduled to be accepted from the end of June, and you will be able to make reservation for all operating days on the web site “Japan Bus Online.” The 4-row-seat vehicles is ready, equipped with Wi-Fi environment, charging facilities, on-board toilet and large trunk.

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The fare varies depending on the riding date, and is within the range of 17,000 to 19,000 yen from Tokyo and 12,000 to 13,000 yen from Tateyama (both are adult fares). With the exception of some riding dates, there is also an “Early Bird Discount” that offers a 1,000 yen discount if you complete your online reservation and payment 14 days in advance. If there are vacant seats on the day, you can get on without a reservation, but a uniform in-car fare of 20,000 yen will be applied in that case.

A spokesperson for Tokyu Bus commented, “I want many people to know about the existence of a direct bus that allows you to start your activities immediately after arriving at Tateyama the next morning if you leave Tokyo at night. It is convenient not only for mountain climbing enthusiasts, but also for sightseeing on the Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route, so I would like you to use it widely.”

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