Winter smooth sightseeing in Kyoto by train and on foot “Pedestrian-Friendly City Kyoto Rail Ticket”

Randen Mobo-21 Type

Kyoto City will release the “Pedestrian-Friendly City Kyoto Rail Ticket” for Kyoto sightseeing in winter, which allows unlimited rides on routes within the valid area of 5 railway operators.

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“ICOCA commuter pass” will be released between Osaka Metro and JR West

"ICOCA commuter pass" will be released between Osaka Metro and JR West

Osaka Metro and JR West will release the “ICOCA commuter pass” from Tuesday, December 8, 2020. So far, both companies have not sold mutually usable commuter passes and had to have two separate passes. From that day, people can get on with one IC card “ICOCA”, so it seems that the convenience of commuting to work or school will increase. It will be sold between all Osaka Metro lines and the JR West urban area including Kyoto, Osaka and Kobe. 19 connecting points are defined, such as JR Osaka Station – Subway Umeda, Higashi-Umeda, and Nishi-Umeda Stations. In addition to purchasing a new “ICOCA commuter pass”, you can also purchase…

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