Nankai “rapi:t” restores to preCOVID-19 services – Kansai Airport passengers recovering

Nankai Electric Railway will revise the Nankai Line schedule on October 21, 2023 (Sat), restoring the transportation capacity of the Airport Line including the limited express “rapi:t” to the same level as 2019 before the COVID-19 pandemic to correspond increasing passengers.

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Hope comes to local railway with aging trains – Nankai transferred a “new car” to Choshi

Choshi Electric Railway announced that it has acquired the “2200 series” rolling stock owned by Nankai Electric Railway on August 15, 2023 (Tue), with the aim of replacing aging rolling stock currently in operation.

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Nankai Railway accepts “Tap to pay with Visa” – From Kansai Airport to Osaka / Koyasan

Nankai Electric Railway and other four transportation companies in its Group continue to provide transportation services using the “Visa Contactless Payments” that has been tested for about one year and nine months.

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“ICOCA commuter pass” will be released between Osaka Metro and JR West

"ICOCA commuter pass" will be released between Osaka Metro and JR West

Osaka Metro and JR West will release the “ICOCA commuter pass” from Tuesday, December 8, 2020. So far, both companies have not sold mutually usable commuter passes and had to have two separate passes. From that day, people can get on with one IC card “ICOCA”, so it seems that the convenience of commuting to work or school will increase. It will be sold between all Osaka Metro lines and the JR West urban area including Kyoto, Osaka and Kobe. 19 connecting points are defined, such as JR Osaka Station – Subway Umeda, Higashi-Umeda, and Nishi-Umeda Stations. In addition to purchasing a new “ICOCA commuter pass”, you can also purchase…

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Summary of railway operation updates due to COVID-19 – West Japan (as of November 6, 2020)

Summary of railway operation updates due to COVID-19 - West Japan

We have summarized the status of updates in operation schedules of each railway operator due to COVID-19 (as of November 6, 2020, excluding in normal operation). Please check the latest operation status before using. Izu Kyuko Some local trains are canceled from evening to night. The last train will be moved up at some stations. JR Central The Tokaido Shinkansen is operated by a special timetable based on the number of passengers. Some extra “Nozomi” trains will be set up on days when a number of passengers are expected. Meitetsu Of “μ-SKY” (Meitetsu-Gifu, Shin-Unuma and Meitetsu Nagoya – Central Japan International Airport), 22 trains on weekdays and 35 on Weekends…

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