Unlimited rides on trains in Akita Prefecture, winter “Akita Holiday Pass”

Station building "Topico" and the bus terminal on Akita Station west gate

JR East Akita Branch Office will release a specially planned ticket “Akita Holiday Pass” (あきたホリデーパス) that allows unlimited rides on railways in Akita Prefecture at a reasonable price. You can get on and off the local trains (including rapid service) of the JR line, the Akita Nairiku Jukan Railway Akita-nairiku Line, and the Yuri Kogen Railway Chokai-sanroku Line in the valid area for one day. If you purchase a limited express ticket, express ticket, or reservation seat ticket additionaly, you can also ride limited express trains (including the Akita Shinkansen), express trains (“Moriyoshi” on Akita-nairiku Line), and rapid service “Resort Shirakami” and so on. The price is 2,440 yen for…

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