“Business Booth” allows meeting on the train – Trial on Tokaido & San-yo Shinkansen

JR Central and JR West will introduce the “Business Booth” on a trial basis inside the Tokaido & San-yo Shinkansen to further enhance the telework environment before and after moving by trains.

N700S on Tokaido & San-yo Shinkansen (流麗まちゅみ/PhotoAC)
N700S on Tokaido & San-yo Shinkansen (流麗まちゅみ/PhotoAC)

From October 2021, the “S Work Car”, which allows passenges to work without hesitation using a PC, has been introduced to the car No.7 of “Nozomi” on the Tokaido & San-yo Shinkansen. Now, “Business Cooth” is a private room where people can use short meetings, web conferences or talking by telephone without worrying about the surroundings. The installation location is on the deck between cars 7 and 8 of the type N700S, and the space previously used as a smoking room will be remodeled to provide tables, high chairs, outlets, etc. (see the figure below for details).

The service will start sequentially from May 9, 2022 (Mon) between Tokyo and Hakata, and will be provided to passengers of Car 7 free of charge for the time being. One use is up to 30 minutes, and those can use it by making a waiting reservation from the QR code provided in the car 7 seat. “Autokeep” provided by Vacan (Head office: Chiyoda City, Tokyo) is adopted as the reservation system. In addition, the Business Booth will be introduced in 3 trains, and the operation time will be announced on the JR Central / JR West website on the morning of the day.

Shinkansen N700S “Business Booth” trial by JR Central & JR West

The workplaces are being expanded in and around stations. JR Central has newly installed a free business corner (semi-private room type) and outlet poles in the waiting rooms of Shinkansen station – Shinagawa, Shin-Yokohama, and Kyoto from around July 2022, and people will be able to use them at all “Nozomi” stations including already set up station – Tokyo, Nagoya, and Shin-Osaka. In addition, they have launched “EXPRESS WORK” for EX Service members, and provide private booths, work lounges, and rental offices according to the usage scene.

JR West has developed the coworking space “Work PLACE COCOLO” and private room booth “Telecube”. In addition to these, private booths “STATION BOOTH” in partnership with JR East will be newly installed sequentially in the main station from March 29, 2022 (Tue).