JR Area Passes prices will be also raised – Following “JAPAN RAIL PASS” from October

The JR Group will revise prices and improve the effectiveness of railway passes such as the “JAPAN RAIL PASS” for foreign tourists visiting Japan from Sunday, October 1, 2023 (Sun).

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The first expedition around Shikoku, Setouchi – Luxe cruise train “THE ROYAL EXPRESS”

JR Shikoku and Tokyu Corporation will operate the cruise train “THE ROYAL EXPRESS”, which is usually operating in the Izu area, specially for the first time in the Shikoku and Setouchi area, and sell it as a 3-night, 4-day travel plan that combines sightseeing, meals, and accommodation.

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“Anpanman Trains” have met 1 million people – 21 train cars in Shikoku attract children

JR Shikoku will cooperate with group companies to carry out various commemorative projects until the end of September 2023 taking advantage of the fact that the total number of users of the tourist trains “Anpanman Trains” has reached 1 million which is operated by them in Shikoku.

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Seats and toilets will be renewed like a new car – JR Shikoku’s 30-year-old express EMU

JR Shikoku has begun refurbishing the 8000 series limited express trains operated by the Yosan Line limited express trains “Shiokaze” and “Ishizuchi”, and will implement changes such as design and seat renewal, enhancing barrier-free access, and westernization of toilets.

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“JAPAN RAIL PASS” price will be raised by 88% – All JR lines Unlimited rides for tourists

The “JAPAN RAIL PASS”, which is offered to tourists by the six JR Group companies (JR Hokkaido, JR East, JR Central, JR West, JR Shikoku and JR Kyushu) and allows you to travel around Japan by train, will be expanded in terms of product content and raised in price.

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Six JR companies will revise timetables – Higher speed limit makes Shinkansen faster

JR East E7 series operated on the Joetsu/Hokuriku Shinkansen (PhotoNetwork/Photo AC)

The six JR Group passenger railway companies will revise their timetables on March 18, 2023 (Sat), speeding up and increasing the number of trains on the Shinkansen, opening new stations on conventional lines, and improving transportation through the progress of double-tracking.

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Japan finally relaxed COVID-19 border measures – No testing, but vaccination required

In order to resume international traffic of people, the Japanese government has relaxed border measures related to COVID-19 and started operation from Tuesday, October 11, 2022.

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Summary of railway operation updates due to COVID-19 – West Japan (as of November 6, 2020)

Summary of railway operation updates due to COVID-19 - West Japan

We have summarized the status of updates in operation schedules of each railway operator due to COVID-19 (as of November 6, 2020, excluding in normal operation). Please check the latest operation status before using. Izu Kyuko Some local trains are canceled from evening to night. The last train will be moved up at some stations. JR Central The Tokaido Shinkansen is operated by a special timetable based on the number of passengers. Some extra “Nozomi” trains will be set up on days when a number of passengers are expected. Meitetsu Of “μ-SKY” (Meitetsu-Gifu, Shin-Unuma and Meitetsu Nagoya – Central Japan International Airport), 22 trains on weekdays and 35 on Weekends…

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‘Minami-iyo’ – New station on JR Yosan Line has launched business

'Minami-iyo' - New station on JR Yosan Line has launched business

A new station, ‘Minami-iyo Station (南伊予, U02-1)’, has been established between Kita-iyo and Iyo-yokota stations (Ehime) on the JR Yosan Line, and started business on March 14, 2020. This new station is located adjacent to the new depot in accordance with the relocation of the depot and freight station near Matsuyama Station.

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