Malaysia’s New MRT line has a length of 56km – Putrajaya Line updates commuter travel

The second section of the “MRT Putrajaya Line”, which has been developed in the Klang Valley area including the city of Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia, and its suburbs, has opened on March 16, 2023 (Thu), and started commercial service in the entire length of 56.2 km.

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Seoul Metro reopens midnight train services – Korea’s COVID-19 controls quite cleared

Following the lifting of the epidemic prevention measures for COVID-19 in South Korea, Seoul Metro and the Korail Corporation are gradually resuming late-night operation on subway lines in the Seoul metropolitan area.

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Seoul Subway Line 7 extended on May 22 – Seongnam – Sangok – Bupyeong-gu Office

Seoul Metro 7000 Series Train operated on Seoul Subway Line 7 (스마트랜스/Pixabay)

Seoul Metro opened on May 22, 2021 (Saturday) between Seongnam Station (761: 석남) and Bupyeong-gu Office Station (759: 부평구청) on the Seoul Subway Line 7. The starting point was Bupyeong-gu Office Station connecting with Incheon Metro Line 1 until now, and it was extended to Seongnam Station, which connects to Incheon Metro Line 2, 4.2 km westward (See the below network map). A new Sangok Station (760: 산곡) opened on the way. Seoul Subway Line 7 is a long commuting line from Incheon City to Uijeongbu City (Gyeonggi) via Bucheon City (Gyeonggi) and Seoul City, but it has been extended to 53 stations in total. In addition to being able…

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